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Sangam House is an international writers' residency program located in India which brings together writers from across the world to live and work among their peers in a safe, supportive and nurturing space.

Ram Ganesh Kamatham  Trisha Gupta  Jawaid Danish  Joshua Furst  Madhulika Liddle  Mario Kaiser  Irawati Karnik  Eugene Lee  Lydia Bravo  João Anzanello Carrascoza  Denise 'Kumani' Gantt 

Imagine a magical village where crows provide wakeup service, gardeners wear saris, goddesses dance in an amphitheater, and writers share literature (and whiskey) in the moonlight. That’s Sangam House. Continue reading

~ Stephanie Elizondo Griest

What’s Happening Now

The Simurgh Project

Sangam House is delighted to embark upon a new project centred around translating literatures from Indian languages.

Named Simurgh, after the mythical bird which comes into being from the combined energies of those who seek it, the opening edition of the project focuses on Kashmir, placing younger Kashmiri writers and translators in the presence of their literary past and asks them to consider that location.

The project hopes to seed a new generation of translators who come together as a community, enriching not just their own work, but bringing the treasury of Indian writing to a wider audience.

Planned as an on-going series of workshops over the next few years, the Simurgh project is supported by Aditi: Foundation for the Arts.

Aditi: Foundation for the Arts supports arts organisations and academic institutions to promote and fund the practice and scholarship of Indian artistic and literary traditions. It has collaborated with The American Institute of Indian Studies, the India Foundation for the Arts, McMaster University and the World Music Institute. The foundation also supports the Dhvani Translation Fellowship at Sangam House.

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