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Sangam House is an international writers' residency program located in India which brings together writers from across the world to live and work among their peers in a safe, supportive and nurturing space.

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Time moved slower at Sangam House. Though I was there only a month, each week might have its been own season… When I finally had to leave, I felt I had been there for a year, and my book had come so far that it seemed true enough for me. Continue reading

~ Justin Go

What’s Happening Now

The Yali Translation Workshop, June 2017

The first Yali workshop for mentoring translators was held from 2–10 June 2017, at Sangam House.

MT Vasudevan Nair’s Manju was translated from Malayalam to Tamil by R. Shalini with N. Sukumaran

Vivek Shanbhag’s Ghachar Ghochar was translated
from Kannada to Hindi by Ajai Kumar Singh with Rahul Soni
from Kannada to Konkani by Ramesh Lad with Damodar Mauzo

Poets Lal Ded, Rupa Bhawani, Arnimal and Habba Khatoon were translated from Kashmiri to English by Neerja Mattoo with Arshia Sattar, Rahul Soni and Poorna Swami.

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The Simurgh Project on Words Without Borders

For the past couple of years, Sangam House has been working with translators to bring Kashmiri poetry out to the world. We’re happy to announce our first publication from the project we’re calling Simurgh. Thanks to Words Without Borders for the partnership.

Read and listen to these poems, please, and see Kashmir beyond the violence.

Simurgh: Seeding a New Generation of Literary Translators

The Jewels of My Eyes I’ll Lay at Your Feet – by Arnimal

Born of Earth, I Fell into Contemplation – by Roop Bhawani

I Will Die Young – by Rasul Mir

I Will Not Sing – by Dina Nath Nadim

Bhakti: Many Voices, Many Ways

Songs of bhakti brimming with intimate and impassioned devotion to a personal god are sung in mandirs and mandals, gurdwaras and dargahs, homes and alone in solitude. Many voices of plurality or faiths exist under its sky. The medieval songs’ poetic and profound appeal to align one’s self with cosmic harmonies continues to strike a chord in numerous people.

The increasing intolerance in our society was among the factors behind holding a day long festival of bhakti poetry in translation in Pune, on 2nd April, 2017.

Hosted by the Pune International Centre and The Raza Foundation and curated by Priya Sarukkai Chabria, eight poet-translators presented their translations of Andal, Abhirami Bhattar, Chaitanya, Dhoolayya the Cobbler, Lal Ded, Mirabai, Rahim, Vallabhacharya and others to a rapt audience. Dr. Ashok Vajpeyi gave the opening lecture. Poet translators included Arundhathi Subramaniam, Mani Rao, Mustansir Dalvi, Priya Sarukkai Chabria, Rahul Soni, Ranjit Hoskote, H.S. Shivprakash and Sumana Roy, many of who are featured in Poetry at Sangam as poets and/or translators.


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