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SEASONS OF THE PALM by Perumal Murugan

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An Excerpt “Look! A fire!” Selvan points to a line of dancing flames in the distance. Shortie looks past his pointing finger and sees tongues of fire peeling the dark of the night. Are those huts burning? Cannot be. No … Continue reading

FOUR POEMS by N. Sukumaran

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The Scent of Granny A trembling voice will enter the house calling ‘Baboo…’ enters the granny enter the scents every time granny enters granny has two types of fragrances one her own – a cocktail of the sacred ash and … Continue reading

COUPLES by João Anzanello Carrascoza

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We wake up at seven in the morning and start making the bed, stretching the linen, and fixing the quilt. We shower in silence, still feeling sleepy, and we don’t want to talk. It would be a good time to … Continue reading

IN THE BATHTUB by Lars Husum

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I’m fifteen the first time. I do it because I’m in love with Miriam with the red hair. She has large breasts, four freckles on her nose, and what’s more she’s a Jehovah’s Witness. I wish I were brave enough … Continue reading

CAMPING IN KABUL by Michael Obert

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Hippies, Russians, the Taliban—Afghanistan has always had a little something for everyone. Now a land in crisis is rediscovering tourism. I’m going to be the only tourist in Kabul. At least, that’s what I was thinking as the plane from … Continue reading

TWO STORIES by Carlos Eduardo de Magalhães

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REMAINS It was hard to find them all. Sandra furrowed her brow when she opened the door, the woman she had become was not half as lovely as the girl she had once been. I had to tell her who … Continue reading


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I am standing in back of Penn Station in Manhattan, looking for a taxi with outstretched arm. A minute ago, a homeless man asked me if I needed a cab, and now he is standing three meters to the left … Continue reading

A MILD CASE OF HOPE by Ajay Krishnan

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With an affectionate tip of the fictional hat to Haruki Murakami’s ‘The Kidney Shaped Stone That Moves Everyday’. For ten minutes Bikram had been leaning against the bar without being served. He’d tried waving, but hadn’t been seen, had tried … Continue reading