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Haam Seong Ho

Ham Seongho was born in Sokcho, South Korea, in 1963. He earned his undergraduate degree in architecture from Kangwon National University. As a poet, he debuted in the journal Literature and Society (문학과 사회) in 1990. His poetry anthologies since then include Holy Taj Mahal (聖 타즈마할), 5.67 Billion Years of Solitude (56억7천만년의 고독), and The Very Beautiful Disease (너무 아름다운 병). He has also published a prose collection, Record of Nothingness (허무의 기록), and is recognized as a prominent critic of architecture and graphic novels. The Whang Mi-Sook Dance Troupe adapted his poetry in a 2002 performance, and he has presented art exhibitions including the “Seoul Time Capsule Exhibition” (2003). Mr. Ham has written, “I did not attach myself to just writing poems. I connected architecture and poetry, dancing and poetry, and philosophy and poetry. Poetry, architecture, art and others are nothing but tools to complete my life.”

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