Sangam House



The Yali Translation Workshop, June 2017

The first Yali workshop for mentoring translators was held from 2–10 June 2017, at Sangam House.

MT Vasudevan Nair’s Manju was translated from Malayalam to Tamil by R. Shalini with N. Sukumaran

Vivek Shanbhag’s Ghachar Ghochar was translated
from Kannada to Hindi by Ajai Kumar Singh with Rahul Soni
from Kannada to Konkani by Ramesh Lad with Damodar Mauzo

Poets Lal Ded, Rupa Bhawani, Arnimal and Habba Khatoon were translated from Kashmiri to English by Neerja Mattoo with Arshia Sattar, Rahul Soni and Poorna Swami.

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