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Yi Jeong Kim

Yi Jeong-Kim was born in 1960. She studied Philosophy at University and Literature at Graduate School. She debuted in 1994 with a short story in the Munhwa daily newspaper. She wrote a novel every day in Maeil, an economic newspaper from 1997 to 1998. She has two short story collections and two novels to her credit. Mutter on the Road (1997) and her second novel The Desert in the Water was published in 2002. She published a short story collection titled Thief Crab in 2006. Her fourth book, also a collection of short stories, titled The Room Belongs to Him was published in 2010. Yi Jeong will publish another novel this year and she currently teaches writing at university. Yi Jeong-Kim is a member of ‘Korean Artists for India’, a collective set up in 2006 comprising artists, writers and thinkers who are interested in and inspired by India.

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