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Lekhana: A Literary Weekend, 18, 19 & 20 January, 2013

Lekhana 2013, our literary weekend, followed Lekhana 2012 as a special space and time for the city’s writers to interact with each other and with readers. The theme for this year was Writing for the Spoken Word with an emphasis on poetry, drama and oral histories. Lekhana 2013 featured a weekend of readings, conversations about literature, performances and workshops, including workshops for children. All events were free and open to all. In addition to the line-up of writers from the city, Lekhana also featured residents from Sangam House, giving readers the chance to encounter a select group writers from around the world. Lekhana 2013 had something for everyone: from informal conversations under an umbrella to performances by acclaimed artistes from India and abroad.

Lekhana 2013 was organised by: Sangam House, an international writers’ residency based in Bangalore; Bhoomija, a public trust for performance arts; Out Of Print Magazine;Jagriti Theatre and BooksTALK Audio Books.


Friday, 18 January. 09.30 am.
This Body of Words: A Workshop for Writers.

Friday, 18 January. 07.00 pm.
Book Release: Wild Girls, Wicked Words. (A bilingual anthology of poems by Tamil women, translated by Lakshmi Holmstrom.)

Friday, 18 January. 08.00 pm.
Performance of The Dog Logs by Christopher Johnson directed by Arundhati Raja.

Saturday, 19 January. 10.30 am.
Speaking in Tongues: A panel discussion on translating poetry.
Lakshmi Holmstrom, Vanamala Vishwanatha, Shankar Rajaraman, Arshia Sattar.

Saturday, 19 January. 12.00 pm.
Song Lines: Do Words and Popular Music Get Along?
Radha Thomas, Bruce Lee Mani, Vasu Dixit, Poornachandra Tejaswi, Sanjay Iyer.

Saturday, 19 January. 12.00 pm.
Workshop on Short Fiction with Rebecca Lloyd.

Saturday, 19 January. 02.00 pm.
Video Poetry.

Saturday, 19 January. 3.00 pm.
An Afternoon of Short Fiction with Out of Print Magazine.

Panel: The Role of Dialogue in Short Fiction.
Mahesh Rao, Nisha Susan, Shinie Antony, Rebecca Lloyd.

Forum: The Influence of Language on Dialogue.
Kuzhali Manickavel, Jahnavi Barua, Mahesh Natarajan, George Mathen and Indira Chandrasekhar.

Sunday, 20 January. 10.00 am.
Umbrella Cafe: Stage Managing Characters.
Anita Nair with Arundhati Raja.

Sunday, 20 January. 10.30 am.
Reporting India.
Amrita Shah, Suresh Menon, Aakar Patel.

Sunday, 20 January. 12.00 pm.
Jamshed Tata and the Jewels.
Asiya Siddiqi.

Sunday, 20 January. 12.30 pm.
The Not Working Project.
DW Gibson and Aakar Patel.

Sunday, 20 January. 02.00 pm.
Screening: I Am Micro.
A film by Shai Heredia and Shumona Goel.

Sunday, 20 January. 03.00 pm.
Speaking in Images: Writing for the Screen.
Pawan Kumar, KM Chaitanya, Prathibha Nandkumar, Prakash Belawadi.

Sunday, 20 January. 03.30 pm.
Umbrella Cafe: Getting Published
Prajwal Parajuly and DW Gibson

Sunday, 20 January. 04.30 pm.
Shipwrights, Wainwrights and Playwrights.
Abhishek Majumdar, Jawaid Danish, Christopher Kloeble, Gautam Raja.

Sunday, 20 January. 04.30 pm.
The Things People Say.
Sanjay Iyer, Kirtana Kumar, Jagdish Raja, Arundhati Raja.

Sunday, 20 January. 07.00 pm.
Performance: Eve’s Lament, or Little Moments About Being A Black Girl
Denise Kumani Gantt


Saturday, 19 January
11.00 am: Nisha Susan and Yi Jeong Kim
12.00 am: Jahnavi Barua and Ulla Lenze
12.30 pm: Mahesh Rao and Christopher Kloeble
03.00 pm: Prajwal Parajuly
03.30 pm: Suresh Menon and Amrita Shah
04.00 pm: Denise Kumani Gantt
05.00 pm: Appupen (George Mathen) ‘reads’ from Halahala (Auditorium)

Sunday, 20 January
11.00 am: Aditi Rao and Afrah Shafiq
11.30 am: Jawaid Danish, Abhishek Majumdar and Sandeep Shikhar
12.30 pm: Radha Thomas and Saskya Jain
02.30 pm: Shinie Antony and Mahesh Natarajan
03.00 pm: Rebecca Lloyd and Indira Chandrasekhar
04.00 pm: Achal Prabhala and Rahul Soni


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